Are Mud Masks Good For Oily Skin?

Are Mud Masks Good For Oily Skin?

Mud masks are one of the most popular and oldest ways to detox and cleanse skin. Many people wonder if mud masks are good for oily skin.

In fact, mud masks are great for oily skin!

They’re great for all types of skin. We carry multiple types of mud masks that are specifically formulated for oily, dry, normal, and/or combo skin,. 

We only curate skincare products that align with our non-toxic, cruelty-free, vegan, and organic values.

Here are our favorite mud masks, good for oily skin: 

One mud mask good for oily skin is this Lava Clay Mask, which provides a deep pore clean for oily skin/areas. 

Another mud mask good for oily skin is this Kelp Clay Mask, which provides a detox pore clean for normal to oily skin/areas. 

Are Mud Masks Good For Oily Skin? If anything, they're the BEST! These masks exfoliate dead skin cells, deep clean/unclog pores, lift dirt/blackheads, draw/bind impurities, and tighten skin.

For other skin types or for a more gentle cleanse, try the fossil clay mask, a gentle clean for all skin types especially dry and sensitive skin/areas. 

 Are mud masks good for oily skin? For sure. Check out more masks and tips at

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