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One for me one for bf

I like their grown alchemist for my hair type but my BF prefers this brand. Both are good.

Got this as a gift and repurchased

My gf got this for me and it was good so I decided to re buy. I enjoy the consistency : )

Really works! Gave my hair a lighter and cooler tone

My hair was looking a bit brassy and I decided to make the leap and buy this. It actually worked very well and I’m liking the improved color.

Boost Lip Balm
Brandy W.
Incredible lip balm

Most lip balms contain addictive substances that make your lips more chapped and want lip balm. I’ve noticed this ingredient list is very clean so I tried it and really love it

Lovely keepsake and conditioner

I fell in LOVE with the idea of solid bars of conditioner so I went w the OG bar and really like this scent and finish

Good for travel

I take this so I don’t need to worry about TSA cause I fly a lot. Its been very helpful to have solid shampoo (:

Beard Balm
Mike Thompson
Was looking for beard balm and so far this one is the best I’ve tried.

Pretty decent beard balm I have no complaints

Very moisturizing and thick conditioner

This consistency is honestly thicker than most conditioners. I would say it’s like a mask so if you like hydration this is one for you

I like it

This is fire!! Must have for men’s shaving and just shaving in general for body etc.

Give this one a try :)

Good Stuff

Made me feel nice and clean. I recommended it to my friend. not sure if you guys do friend discounts. anyways this was a great purchase of mine and I'm happy about my decision.

Sleek Water Pomade
Biff Wellington
Nice hold

I ended up liking the consistency of this one more than my other pomade so five stars

A gentle cleanser and exfoliant

Heard good things about noto and Gloria’s work so I bought this one! Didn’t go wrong at all. Has a non fragranced scent and a nice texture … very aesthetic too

good gift for guys

been getting these as gifts for my guy friends during the pandemic and surprisingly a lot of them have liked it. i couldn't find any gender natural or male masks in other stores so this ended up working for my needs.

soothing body powder. really works :)

I use this before i go to sleep helps me stop sweating at night,

mens mask for skin

My gf bought me this actually but I ended up liking it and buying some for myself. i like the charcoal black color it comes in and I can wear this on the airplane etc. no problem.

SPF 50 Sunscreen Lotion
Bernadette Wright
non white cast sunscreen is here!

OK!! I didn't think that this suncreen was going to be any different than the usual, but proved me wrong. its very thick in a creamy frosting type of way and really puts a thick layer on your skin. if you rub it enough the white cast goes away.

My go to water sport sunscreen

i used this to swim and go to my local lake and it actually stayed on throughout the day. it says it gets stronger with use and I can definitely attest to that. great!

good for travel

took this with me on the plane to fight any acne I get and honestly its working pretty well. i like the roller on effect.


No words needed. Try it for yourself!

good old fashioned type of shave!

I was looking for a shaver similar to a barber shave that I receive from my local barber. i found this all metal one and it turned out to be the closest thing to a barbershop shave that I've found. i haven't gotten razor bumps like the ones I get from the plastic handles and I like it.

A must have!

Handed down from the heavens and brought to you by Manifest Supply, this cleanser is must have for anyone who wants to take care of themselves. Without a doubt, the peeps over at Manifest Supply are on point with their level of customer support and attention they pay to the details. I am always happy whenever I shop with them. Do you skin and mental outlook a favor and buy this product.

Right click, run, whatever you can to get this product!

Great product from a mindful and conscientious company. I am thrilled that Manifest Supply carries them. I am stocking up on everything I can get my hands on. This stuff is liquid gold!

Best thing since sliced bread!

I have been looking for a product that follows through on its promises and this does for sure. I couldn’t be more pleased with it. Plus, the customer service at Manifest Supply is always top notch. I have never had a problem with any of my orders.

The Wash
Amazing Wash!

So amazing, I wrote two reviews! Get you some of The Wash today!

Favorite new scrub

I was looking for a larger sized scrub that didn’t smell too floral. Found this gender neutral one and I’m obsessed