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151 Premium Pomade
Joe Cravaritis (Elkridge, US)
Love this stuff

Makes my hair look professional! Thank you manifest for getting the shipment to me quick and packaged up nicely!

Turmeric Tonic Spot Treatment
frank Garcia (Los Angeles, US)
Good stuff

Bought for me and my wife before our trip. Came in handy since it can go in your carry on and was really effective after the nasty plane flight

Hydrating Lotion
Mark Mangin (San Jose, US)
Good Stuff

Took me years to find a face lotion that didn’t leave me feeling gummy by the end of the day. Five stars to Manifest for stocking this at a reasonable price. Thanks!

Hermes Variety Fragrance Set
Nekiyah Danielle (Dundalk, US)

I use the box as decor, the packaging is so nice for Hermes. Highly recommend!

Tea Tree Shampoo Bar
Barbara (Dundalk, US)
healed my dry scalp

I get dandruff and this tea tree oil really soothed it and helped the flakes go away!!

Agender Oil with Hemp
GB ruga (Dundalk, US)
Decent scent

It's like a 2 in one product because its a cologne but also moisturizing. I like it so far

Gentle Clay Cleanser
Aerienna Tucker (Dundalk, US)
obsessed with this cleanser

it smells really good and is very moisturizing!

Toiletry Bag
Ben Wenley (Dundalk, US)
love that this bag is washable and water proof

was looking for an essentials bag that was waterproof and easily cleaned. the material of this feels like rubber or silicone and its super easy to maintain and clean up, highly recommend

Cold Shower US Military-Grade Wipes
Preston Tyler Gomez (Dundalk, US)
good for traveling

took these on the plane with me and had no issues getting through security. came in handy, thanks manifest

Refreshing Wipes
C. (Dundalk, US)
fave wipes!

GREAT! No fragrance and I like a more masculine / non gendered packaging like this one.

Advanced 2C Razor in White Chrome
ness obrien (Dundalk, US)
staple razor

od been getting razor burns on my body using plastic razors. swithed to metal because i heard it was good for you and this one surprisingly left no marks. 11/10

Turmeric Tonic Spot Treatment
C.C. (Dundalk, US)
My go to water pimple help

fits in my travel carry on and it actually works

Multi Purpose Pomade
Winston Qian (Los Angeles, US)
one of the better pomades I've found!!

like how versatile it is and not too small of a container where I feel like I cant use any. pretty great stuff :)

Tension Relief Supplement
anita (Los Angeles, US)
actually works!

didn't expect this to necessarily work because I've tried other supplements. however I had a headache last week and I tried this out, it seemed to bring the symptoms down.

SPF 50 Sunscreen Lotion
Monica (Los Angeles, US)

it's a thick paste which I was not expecting since it is a all natural product I ended up really liking it because it protects me on hikes.

mine melted but its decent

Great stick of deodorant. Only wish it kept more of its shape. I may have taken it with me in the sun and in the water so now my deodorant is kinda melted and mushy. I'm near the end though so it's OK I'll replenish with another one.

Natural Deodorant - Lavender & Sage
D.B. (Los Angeles, US)
smells amazin

This deodorant is the best smelling one I have, legit! It smells like a lavender forest. I love a neutral scent and nothing too fragranced because I break out. This deodorant has never broken me out, compared to the axe ones and old spice once I used.

Hydrating Face Sheet Mask Set
Ron Happenstance (Los Angeles, US)
My second favorite sheet mask from Manifest

It's ok.... I think it's not rlly a hydrating mask its more of a cleansing mask if that makes sense because the essence in the mask is clear and more gel like, less like a cream.

Burberry For Men Cologne
B.W. (Los Angeles, US)
decent cologne, I've tried stronger ones tho

Not that I didn't find this one good but I have tried other Burberry ones with a stronger smell. Overall it is one of my favorites but it doesn't last as long as the others if that makes sense. still will repurchase since the cologne smell is unique....

Stronger With You Eau De Toilette
Rodolfo J. (Los Angeles, US)
complimented ON THIS

The best date night fragrance ever. I wear this fragrance in fall/winter and I receive a compliment from the ladies :) recommend

great smelling cologne

This is my favorite cologne hands down, it smells like amber and very woody scent while also smelling more sweet and smoky like caramelized sugar. Definitely going to get again

liked it!!!!

I saw the deodorant and I wanted to have the cologne
I found it at Manifest for a great price .
Delivery was fast.
I love the smell for this men deodorant
It was recommended by a sales person on Manifest instagram
Where I got my cologne.

Ammo Can Gift Set
Veronica Suarez

Be careful because this is HUGE! I was wondering what was so heavy on my doorstep, dont underestimate this. My hubby loved it though <3


Was going to take this traveling but I cant do overseas with this one, the size is actually too big.

Dylan Blue Cologne
J.B.G. (Los Angeles, US)

I can't tell you how much my Boyfriend & I love this cologne. It's not too heavy like some other colognes. Its light and has a rich scent. Like most versace fragrances it's a must have and a perfect gift