Why: Wax is great for making detailed expression and accentuating your hairstyle and can also be used to give a spiky look.

How: Rub and emulsify into your hands. When the product is spread evenly across your hands, transfer the product into the roots of your hair. Once you've targeted the roots, slash and fold the remainder of your hair until you have the style you want.  

How Much To Use: 

There is no "go to" or "one size fits all" method when it comes to pomades. Every doo is working with different amounts and types of hair.  

So, the best advice we can offer is this: If you hair is long enough to style with a comb in the first place, then start with a nickel-sized amount. 

If you use too much: Overdoing wax can make your hair flaky or crunchy, rather than styled.

If you use too little: Your hair may lose its hold and droop.