Deep Serum 2 oz.


Each drop of this potent oil is a nutrient-dense drink from the earth.

Our Deep Serum will brighten and protect with hydration-rich, age managing elements and fresh notes that will deeply penetrate skin and senses.


• Grapeseed - moisturizing, fine line management
• Marula- vitamins C + E, essential amino acids, cell renewal
• Rosehip seed - age management, anti-inflammatory, nourishing
• Sea Buckthorn -vitamin C, radio-protective, wrinkle-reducing
• Grapefruit Oil- vitamin C, antiseptic, disinfectant
• Carrot Seed Oil- cell rejuvenation, acne healing, moisturizing
• Green Coffee Oil - skin tightening, awakening

How To Use

Apply wherever a dose of deep hydration is desired.  Add a few drops on clean hands, breathe in the aroma, then massage into the skin. 

Use AM + PM on face, neck, tops of hands, lips,  etc. 

This serum can replace your normal moisturizer or may be added as extra hydration benefits.  Apply to lip area or layer extra amounts onto the skin at night for restorative treatment.

About The Brand

Gloria Noto knows this truth all too well as a makeup artist and fine artist with an intimate understanding from extensive experience learning the ins and outs of the industry for over 11 years. Seeing all too clearly how the industry and majority of manufactured products are cocktails of chemicals and pollution, Gloria Noto sought out to create her own solution by developing products that reflected the changes she wanted to see. She believes that wellness should not be a privilege, but instead - a right - and strives to make the highest quality products that are inclusive - diverse in cost - and that have a philanthropic edge.


Why: Spot Treat, Address Concerns like Aging, Dullness, Dryness, Acne, and more

How:Apply every night before sleeping and after moisturizing to diminish aging signs and sun damage.

At night, put serum all over face. Massage into skin until absorbed.

How Much To Use: 

A pea-sized amount of serum gives your skin a concentrated boost of ingredients that help with hydration, exfoliation, acne, or dull skin.

If you use too much: Using too much of any product leaves active ingredients sitting on your skin. Some, such as exfoliating serum, can lead to stinging or peeling.

If you use too little: "If you use too little serum, you will not get the maximal effect," Barba says.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Mariah Jenning
Great serum! Smells heavenly

I have been loving this serum and how it only has a 6 month shelf life (hello all natural!) My friend introduced me to Manifest and now I need everything from here.

Neil O.
Light scent

Happy to have found this serum on your website. I discovered this when I shopped in a boutique in LA. It is a great oil. I am not fond of heavy scented products. Noto Deep Serum has a light scent so it is fine. It didn’t break my face out.

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