Easy Primer Shave Oil


Prepare the skin and soften hair with this natural pre-shave lubricant.

This blend promotes razor glide & shields the skin against irritation and razor burn for a smooth, comfortable pain-free shave.

Avocado hydrates & softens skin and facial hair.

Grapeseed-moisturizes without clogging pores. 2 oz.


Avocado Oil > Smoothes and softens the skin  |  Grapeseed Oil > Firms and soothe the skin  |  Olive Oil > Lubricates and coats the skin


Avocado Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Soybean Oil, Olive Oil, Fragrance Oil

About The Brand

For years, Michael James watched black men lose hope. They felt powerless against their dry scalp, razor bumps and the belief that harmful, ineffective chemicals were their best option. So, Michael set out to find a better way. Inspired by the legacy of his grandfather –– the original Frederick Benjamin –– Michael developed a regimen of products to help every man sculpt his best self, no matter his style.

For us, the name Frederick Benjamin is a promise to deliver products that put your confidence into your hands. Because when you feel free to be yourself everywhere, you will inspire the next man to do the same. 

That's what we are all about: Carrying forward Style that Inspires. 

Customer Reviews

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Danilo B.

Skin feels deeply moisturized each time i use it on my face..

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