Natural Deodorant - Lavender & Sage


A long-lasting natural deodorant formulated with Lavender & Sage essential oils to help mask underarm odor.

Hyaluronic Acid conditions and moisturizes the skin while probiotics help neutralize odor.

Formulated without aluminum, alcohol, parabens, synthetic fragrances, and dyes.


*Caprylic/capric Triglyceride, *Tapioca Starch, *Ozokerite Wax, **Magnesium Hydroxide, *Sodium Bicarbonate, *Coconut Oil, *Shea Butter, *Hyaluronic Acid, *Lactobacillus Acidophilus, *Natural Fragrance.

*Plant-based **Naturally Occurring

How To Use

The natural formula softens on contact with body heat. Hold deodorant to the skin, then gently apply to underarms.


If you find yourself getting itchy from Deodorant, you might have a sensitivity to baking soda. It's a pH thing so make sure to get your body the Sensitive Deodorant it deserves. 

About The Brand

SALT & STONE is a unisex skin and body care brand from Los Angeles, California. We focus on natural, organic, cruelty-free ingredients, and research the quality of each ingredient extensively, taking no shortcuts. Our mission is to create safe formulas that are extremely effective and are far superior to what you have come to expect from natural skincare.

Green and Clean: Because we care, we go the extra mile when researching and developing each formula. Our ingredients are grown and produced in ethical and sustainable ways, without the use of pesticides, and we never use artificial fragrances, sulfates, silicones, petrochemicals, parabens, phthalates, or GMOs. All of our packaging is recyclable and made from post-consumer recycled materials.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
mine melted but its decent

Great stick of deodorant. Only wish it kept more of its shape. I may have taken it with me in the sun and in the water so now my deodorant is kinda melted and mushy. I'm near the end though so it's OK I'll replenish with another one.

smells amazin

This deodorant is the best smelling one I have, legit! It smells like a lavender forest. I love a neutral scent and nothing too fragranced because I break out. This deodorant has never broken me out, compared to the axe ones and old spice once I used.

Janessa Kim

love the smell of this deodorant! clean and natural, like fresh lavender

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